Sunday, November 7, 2010

Effective EWCF Marketing Plans for All.

The purpose of  EWCF Marketing Plan is to try and help those who are having trouble making sales. People DO buy EWCF and more importantly, they buy it from YOU. The focus, direction, a review of certain key points and an action plan is needed for you to effectively make it with this program.

Your EffortlessWeb-CashFormula marketing focus, made explicit in this plan, renews your vision and strategic ways to target the masses. One of the important focus is  YOUR ABILITY TO WRITE YOUR OWN HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ADS.

In addition to becoming a better ad writer, you must be able to identify who your target prospect is (those most likely to buy from you) and where to find them online or offline.

What you need is a  little passion, a decent amount of effort and a lot of strategic thinking to succeed. A solid Internet marketing plan will include everything from your ad to your thank you and follow-up letters. Each process in your plan must perform a specific task.

1.      Your short-term marketing strategies will drive traffic to your web site in intervals.
Each time you place an ad, your traffic will increase. After a few days, your traffic will
drop off. There are many resellers making poor advertising choices. That is to say, ads are posted online in places that won't drive quality prospects to their websites. We see resellers typing incorrect URL's to their website. We see people purchasing “guaranteed traffic” that is almost always a complete waste of time because the traffic isn't targeted traffic at all.

Examples: posting safelist ads, craigslist ads, any type of advertising that requires you
to place ads frequently in order to be seen by your target prospects.

2. Your long-term marketing strategies will drive a steady stream of traffic to your web
site. Your traffic will continue to increase over time.

Examples: social networking (facebook, myspace, twitter), article writing, forum posting,
your own personal blog, or any form of advertising that “sticks” and you do not have to
keep posting it over and over again for your prospects to find you online.

3. Your ad must draw your potential customer’s attention and create curiosity. It must
lead them to click through to your web site.

The most important Internet marketing skill you can have, is the ability to write
powerful headlines and effective ad copy that get the right prospects clicking on
the link to your website or squeeze page.

Some of the greatest " headlines that makes millions were all so simple but they have something eye catching " that grabs the targeted public.

This business is built on determination and high quality ads placed in front of
people looking for “make money online” opportunities. That's the secret to 
success and it can be yours too. The combination of  search terms and phrases you can use are almost endless, as is the wealth of information you'll receive.

4. Precise Audience - Even if all the above criteria are fulfilled, success cannot be
guaranteed if you fail to drive the right audience to your web site. A million irrelevant hits
are nothing compared to a few hundred precise audiences visiting your web site. 

Targeted Traffic is a term used in the Internet marketing business. When a web site or blog owner gets a hit from a visitor that is looking for the exact products and/or services found on their site, that is considered a targeted visitor (or targeted traffic).
Targeted traffic is the holy grail for all online businesses. This kind of Internet traffic naturally converts more sales per 100 visitors like 30 sales per 100 visitors. Think of the enormous opportunity here.

5. Your EWCF website will provide further information, present the unique selling
proposition (USP), educate the prospect on the many benefits of buying EWCF through
the power of follow-up marketing if you have a squeeze page package and make the
sale, by leading your potential and targeted customer to your order page.

Although the Internet has opened a whole New World of opportunity for even the
smallest home-based business owner, it takes the right start and a quality execution to
make it work. Countless numbers of self-made millionaires started their Internet
businesses from the ground up, found a niche and built their success a day at a time.
You need not be an Internet guru to really make it big on the net. 

The more you can educate a prospect on the benefits of any product or service, the more success you will get in getting the correct audiences. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is Effortless Web-Cash Formula?

The Effortless Web Cash Formula is a Hassle Free program started by Lauryn Herbert. I was Completely blown away by the shear simplicity of the system which guarantees to let you makes some pocket money almost everyday.

If you think you are going to earn thousands  with this then skip this page, but if you want to earn some pocket money like $100 each day, then go ahead THIS free e-book IS FOR YOU!

If you are a BEGINNER and want to try a hassle free program which gives you a ready made website of your own and your own PAYPAL button and a lifetime hosting for just $10, Then YES, THIS IS IT.

All you have to do is just follow the 4 step by steps procedure in the Free e-book and viola! within 24 hours, your website is up and running and all you need to do come up with some NEAT ads ideas to start your STRINGS OF $37s!

Here are some of things offered with this Web-Cash Formula:

1)   This system gets you a READY MADE WEBSITE of your own with Lifetime hosting and of course an eCommerce embedded which lets you have your own paypal payment button within 24 hours.

2)      You never have to talk to anyone by phone or in person.;)

3)     Cash is deposited instantly into your PP account - no waiting for commission checks or some company to pay you. ( this was the point that hook me on this program)

4)      You'll Keep 100% of the money you receive for e-books sold written by the introducer FOREVER. ( this is the best part)

5)      There are no marketing expenses required.

6)     Your site  can be totally "up and running" in less than 24 hours (often within just a couple hours) and can expect your first cash deposits in less than 24 hours.

7)      Free and exclusive marketing tools e-books with resell rights that quickly get you earning money.

8)      You don't have to join any type of program.

9)  You won't need to sell your car, rob a train or drain your bank account to get started and bringing in the cash. (LOLz)

 ONCE AGAIN, All you have to do is just follow the 4 step by steps procedure in the free e-book.



Is Effortless Web Cash Formula a Scam?

I know like me you must have  goggled for the  Effortless Wed Cash Formula review  and wondered whether the effortless web cash formula is a scam  like I had done,  and if you have landed on this page,  then let me tell you the EWCF is no scam. 

The system give exclusive tutorials and step by step explanations on how to  get your own website with a payment button that send cash to your account each time when somebody buys your e-books which are given free by Lauryn Herbert  as she has sold you the resell rights with only her name to give her credits. 

This great e-book is great for beginners as well as for the experienced internet marketers or affiliates alike and if you are a beginner like I was, I suggest you to try this promptly because in some few months, this e-book will be crawling the web and there is no comparing like the profits that you will get if You got in on at the first stages.

What more will you want? No hassles. I know it’s not everyone who can set up a website to earn on the net. And if you are plain lazy like me to do that and don’t even have the time then this is it.

The best thing about this is that you are the owner of the website with your payment button and a lifetime hosting for just $10 and just thinks where you can get that. 
All you have to do is just follow the 4 step by steps procedure and viola! Within 24 hours, your website is up and running and all you need to do come up with some great ads ideas to start your streaming cash!

Does Effortless Web Cash Formula Really Work?

Yes, it does. What makes this system works? It is just because of its shear simplicity and easy to understand methods. Even teenagers who are just on college are making $100 a day or more with this technique. It is just a measly $37 and with just a single sale, you know very well you have covered your original investment. 

Honestly, we all know the web is full of "get rich schemes" that run away with our money and left us stranded with their sweet persuasive messages and words. 

Well, I for one am not easily influenced by any of those get rich e-books scams that promises that you can make thousands overnight. I hardly even give them a glance or even an iota of my time.

Can you just  imagine the wonderful feeling of waking up in the morning and logging on your email account to get the numbers of $37 that you have made overnight while you were sleeping.  

Ah! You have come to the right place because I am giving you a bonus if you purchase these effortless web cash formula e-books from here. 

Here is what you are getting as a BONUS apart from the 17 e-books of what Lauryn Herbert  had promised, to gain traffic to your website and  the advertisements needed for the EWCF marketing and my support as well:

1) 201 twitter tools and applications (With screen shots)
2) The Secret Edge (9 building Blocks to double your Sales)

****And the most important, I will give you my OWN exclusive list of EWCF marketing tips of all the "Free advertisements as well as paid sites and a list of safelists for free email marketing thus saving you time". And the bonus being  my listed methods of generating traffic where I have make more than 15 sales till now within a month. 

As soon as you have ordered for the 17 e-books by Lauryn from here, I will send the bonus  e-books and my lists  to your paypal email id.

Just enjoy making money!